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Welcome to Top Tier K9's Virtual Realty Dog Training Center

Learn a balanced approach to dog training

balanced dog training

Come train at Top Tier K9's Virtual Reality Dog Training Center

Worlds First


Virtual Reality Dog Training center

Category : Virtual Platform

Model : Oculus Quest, Quest II. and Meta Quest Pro

Control : Oculus Controllers including Touch / Voice Commands/Leash Management

Price: $49

Link to buy and install: 

This is the world's first Virtual Reality Dog Training Center. Your virtual dog is your instructor, and by use of your controllers AND proper command sequence, you will practice using markers, rewards and corrections the RIGHT way.  You make your mistakes with a virtual dog and improve your timing and consistency with each use.

Your real dog will thank you and your pack will be greatly improved.



Our innovative technology

Top Tier K9's Virtual Reality Dog Training Center is part of our comprehensive training solution that assists dog owners in increasing the quality of life for their dogs and their families.  

Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you manage your dog more effectively.  You learn to use the command sequence that has proven to be the most safe and reliable method to train dogs (and humans).  This balanced approach to dog training ensures the happiness of your dog through effective communications between you and your dog, using the least amount of corrections necessary to fix bad behaviors.


Our Story

We have taken our #1 dog training method to the world of Virtual Reality allowing people to put on a VR headset and actually practice, at the application level of learning, the proper command sequence that includes rewards and corrections using the proper timing, consistency and maintaining the motivation of the dog.

We are recognized as one of the top dog trainer schools in the world, training people to train dogs and to start and run their own dog training businesses.

With a mission of emptying dog shelters, we are focused on training more dog trainers as trained dogs almost never end up in shelters. 

We have proven, that unless you train the owners/handlers properly the training is far less effective, so we created the virtual reality dog training center to compliment our bricks and mortars training facilities so that while we are training an owner's dog, the owners can practice their skills on a virtual dog thus greatly reducing issues with their trained dog when it comes home to them.

- Mark Twain


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