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Find a Trainer near you

Top Tier K9 has trained and certified hundreds of dog trainers around the world.  Rated as one of the top dog training programs in the world, Top Tier K9 is your one stop shop for dog training, handler training, and dog trainer training.

To find a trainer in your area, visit our primary website at and choose our "about" pulldown where you will find our locator service.  There are 3 levels of trainers available for you.  The first, and the best, is a Top Tier K9 Franchise location.  These businesses provide the same training that has made Top Tier K9 the best in the world.  We have a quality assurance and control program that helps ensure you and your dog will be taken care of to the exact same standards as if your dog were with us, in our primary facilities in Northern Florida.

The second level of service/certification is to find Certified Top Tier K9 Foundation Dog® Trainers in your area.  Look for the specific logo and look for Masters certifications in protection dogs, service dogs, and special security dogs (this includes police K9).  These trainers are some of the best in the world and have spent countless months and years mastering their skills as dog trainers and business professionals.

The third level of service/certifications are Top Tier K9 Certified Pet Trainers.  They have completed our primary courses in training pets for customers and provide solid pet training and owner training services as the pet level.  Most of our certified Pet Trainers are working towards the higher certifications so give them a call and ask about their continuing education and quality assurance programs.

Become a certified dog trainer

Top Tier K9 is one of the top dog trainer programs in the world.  Established in March of 2014 Top Tier K9 became a huge success in the dog training industry due to our industry first professional business development programs that ride on top of our world-class dog trainer programs.  We proved that it is not good enough to just be a great dog trainer, you must also be a great business person and look out for the needs of the dogs and their owners.

We teach you to train pets and to start and run your own dog training business.  We teach you how to train Foundation Dogs®;  Dogs trained to track, find specific odor, protect, and work advanced obedience tasks.  Your first Foundation Dog® becomes your business demo dog.  At that point you can decide to start your very own private labeled business or you can apply to become a Top Tier K9 Franchisee.   Once your business is rolling, you can attend our Master's programs in  Executive/Family protection dogs, Service dogs for people with disabilities, Special Security dogs including virus detection, bomb detection, narcotics detection and more.

The "Certified Top Tier K9" badge is the most sought after certification in the dog training world.  Few can obtain the highest levels of certifications and only the best maintain those certifications.  Top Tier K9 Franchisees also have the added benefit of ongoing support, quality assurance and business development of Top Tier K9 corporate.

get a service dog

Service Dogs are dogs that are trained to go anywhere with you, that can handle high levels of stress and maintain their obedience under austere and challenging conditions.  In addition, Service Dog perform tasks that aid a person with their disabilities.  These include PTSD mitigation (like room clearing), mobility support, diabetic alert and so much more.  Top Tier K9 trains and deploys service dogs to clients throughout the US and our Certified Service Dog trainers can be found around the world as well.

Our average turn around time, from when you contract with us and select the service dog from our lineup, is only 8 weeks.  We sell directly to the public and we also support programs that assist disabled veterans and disabled first responders in funding assistance.

See our Foundation Dogs® that are ready to be finished as service dogs (and service dogs that ALSO protect) as and for assistance in raising funds through charitable giving to assist a disabled veteran/first responder in obtaining a life saving service dog visit

You can acquire a service dog through our Franchise locations as well with the same confidence as getting them directly from our North Florida campus.

get a protection dog

Protection dogs are in high demand during these troubling times.  Top Tier K9 trains and deploys protection dogs all over the world and we are recognized for training protection dogs that meet the needs of our buyers, not a one size fits all.  Creator of the "1-10 rating system" for protection dogs our Foundation Dog® programs allows us to finish a protection dog that can be as low key as barking on command all the way up to a Godzilla killer and everything in between.

Like all other Top Tier K9 programs we also train you to manage your protection dog and integrate that dog into your home, your family and your specific lifestyle.  Visit and look at our Foundation Dogs to see which one you want us to finish as your protection dog.

You can acquire a protection dog through our Franchise locations as well with the same confidence as getting them directly from our North Florida campus.

own a top tier k9 franchise

The future of the dog training industry is Top Tier K9.  The first to train dogs to find and indicate on the COVID-19 virus, the first to establish a Virtual reality Dog Training Center, rated as one of, if not the best dog training program in the world.  Visit to see if you qualify. 


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